Personal Essay – WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL Book

A few years back, we started writing a “proper” band biography. The publishers wanted a tell-all and we were determined to tell nothing. No one was saying a word so we scrapped the idea. But in a way, that says all you need to know about this band.

Through the movie and this book, we’re finally inviting people to witness the relationships between the band members and between the public and the songs Jon and I have written. The connection people feel to our songwriting is part of what has kept us relevant over so many years. I feel so privileged to be a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives.

The relationship between Jon, Tico, David and me is a very special bond. It began as we fought to build a career and navigate the ever-changing waters of the music business together. It grew as we each battled our mutual and personal angels and demons. At different times, we each were there to pick each other up, lend an ear or shoulder to lean on. We’ve spent more time together than with our families and that definitively makes us a family.

Jon and I find ourselves closer than ever now; it’s an anomaly the record business has never seen before. That Mick & Keith thing? It was a power struggle that never happened to us. We’re tighter now, after twenty-six years of brotherhood and friendship.

Every night, I walk onto the stage, look over my shoulder and see Tico and Dave. I’m proud as hell to know I’m playing with the best musicians, my brothers. Jon, in my opinion, on any given night, is the best front man in the business. I have such mad respect and love for all my band mates. It is truly an honor.

I feel an enormous responsibility to the band, and especially the fans who come to see us from city to city, country to country and all over the world. Every night, I give one hundred percent of my heart on stage. I’m grateful for that opportunity. I thank you.

I’m excited, not just about the new album but about the future of Bon Jovi. We plan to maintain the integrity and dignity of our songwriting and record making process and the journey will continue, searching for the evolution of what the band will be.

– Richie

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